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on Mar 1, 2010 in Aviation

It’s Up in the Air Week

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Oh, it’s going to be a grand week with a whole lot of subjects that all take flight. Starting a new project at the beginning of the week which always brings up new challenges, new rewards and new frustrations. Can’t wait. But the rest of the week is ISAP and for that, I can’t wait! The photo above was taken a while back during a great day at Top Gun school. It was literally snowing so all flights were canceled for the fleet. This is a photo that has sit in my files since I took it. The lighting was such, it pretty much was lifeless. I then decided to process the nef as a one image HDR. It turned out pretty cool. The sky sucked until the HDR processing and then man, did it come to life!

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This is a F22 Raptor from the Reno Air Races. Hopefully the weather this week will be a hole lot more conducive for aviation photography. I have the great privilege of shooting with the folks from ISAP first at Edwards AFB and then Nellis AFB during Red Flag maneuvers. We’re taking standing between runways as F117s & F18s take off right beside ya. Hot dang, I can’t wait to eat them Jet A fumes and clicking a few frames. Stick around, I should have a few flicks to share with ya.

I do seem to have an infinity for things that fly. I’m am very fortunate that I get to share this the coming week with likewise folks. Nikon is making it possible for me to do a presentation at ISAP and I can’t wait to share what I’ve leaned in the last two years of following with a camera a life long love of of flight, manned flight that is!
Photos captured by D3x/D3, 14-24AFS / 200-400AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film