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on Mar 11, 2010 in Landscape Photography

NM Pen

The New Mexico Penitentiary, damn, what an amazing place! Joe has shot at this locale a ton, you can see his amazing images from here in both his great books. Well, we had it for a subject and backdrop for a great day of photography. The site of the worst prison riot in US history was an incredibly photographic rich locale. This photo of one of the cell blocks had bigtime dramatic light.

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And the room that you enter when first going into the cell block? If you were an inmate, I wouldn’t think it was all that inviting. But if you are a chaser of light, you couldn’t have had a bigger welcome. In order to get the mood, minus exp comp was required, two stops minus. I just love the light and color but the place itself, creepy!

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Photos captured by D3x, 24PCE / 24f1.4AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film