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on Mar 16, 2010 in Wildlife Photography

Laughing Flight Photography

It was practice the basics day at Base Camp and nothing is more basic or essential then panning. And there is no better subject to practice on then gulls. In FL, one of my favorite gulls is purty common, the Laughing Gull. What makes this gull a favorite is the black head and red bill.

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There are two ingredients needed for successful flight photography (bird going without saying). Light and sun on you back. Well we had that and man, did it provide the results.

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And wanting to challenge myself, I went for shooting headshot flight shots. It was a challenge and I like the results. But I need to spend more time with this and perfect. Thank goodness there are gulls, best practice subject there is!

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Photos captured by D3s, 500VR handheld on Lexar UDMA digital film