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on Mar 17, 2010 in Wildlife Photography

It just takes One heartbeat

Gulls seem to be ignored by most so I guess I feel when in their presence, I’ve gotta make up for that somehow. Personally, I find them really very entertaining and when you can find that one unique individual, photographically rewarding.

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This Ring-billed Gull at first seemed to want nothing to do with me. But after only a couple of minutes, the temptations of the sand flees coming up took over the fulls natural impulse to eat. I would keep its back to me for a while, making it easy to fly away if it were scared. But finally it got use to my standing there and I got the shot I had previsualized, that look just prior to make the snatch on a flea. But to me, it appears the gull is listening to some silly joke the flea is telling it as they passed on the beach. I love capturing those moments.

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Photos captured by D3x, 600VR w/TC-14e on Lexar UDMA digital film