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on Apr 7, 2010 in Great Stuff

Another of the Great Gifts of Photography & PSW

So there I am, standing outside of the Precon room acting silly and saying hi to folks in the hallway. PSW has such a charged atmosphere that you can’t help but be affected by it. I was there with folks from NAPP being our usually goofy selves when a gentleman was brought up to me for introductions. Matt said, “This is Ali!” I think I had a confused look on my face when Matt said, “The guy on Scott’s blog this morning.” For those who don’t remember the story, in brief, he was granted a visa to come to the states from Iran (that’s right, Iran!) because he said he was going to Photoshop World! Now how cool and amazing is that! Well, I was very fortunate to shoot with Ali and get to know him the rest of that day and during the conference. I feel very fortunate that I can now say I have a friend and know a talented photographer in Iran. Photography, it’s a small world! He’s gotta purty cool website, check it and his work out here.