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on Apr 15, 2010 in Landscape Photography

Eastern Sierra Adv day1am

We started off on a totally different foot this adventure, by starting our shooting at 10am. I took the group to an old time favorite locale I’ve never taken a group to before, Laws. We shot “late’ in the day because we were shooting the old west were long, dark shadows just fit. While I got one click I like, Fausto simply kicked butt. Wish he had a blog I could point you to, but here’s just a hint.

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This one, simple photo took me 20min to capture. There was just one light source and while I really liked the light on these old mailboxes, the light source gave me a nasty highlight in the foreground. So I went up and down, back and forth, crawling along the mailboxes looking for the arrangement I liked while avoiding the highlights. Thank goodness I like the photo.

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What can I say, I’m sucker for color! Shooting wide and fast made it pretty darn easy especially since I didn’t have room for a tripod. I just jammed myself up against the corner and made the click.

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This is not something special photo. But that 1ton fly wheel spinning is cool. The volunteers just got this 15h, 1 piston, 1912 motor going and invited us all in to see it. It was an amazing history lesson! The folks at Laws opened all the doors for the group, it was really great fun and so educational.

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And the one shot I wanted to really get, I didn’t do so well with. The light just wasn’t right and I didn’t feel like waiting for it. Something on the to go back and get list. It was a great start to the shooting and learning a little about what makes the Eastside so special and unique.

With CS5 now announced and with the killer job the folks at NAPP are doing to bring to light all it’s features, it’s nice that I can finally talk about it. All of these images, from noise reduction to B&W finishing was all done with CS5 and NO pluggins. Before you jump on the email to ask me how I did it, just hold the protons for a moment. As time permits, I will get videos up for what are now “new’ CS5 techniques (which are up to 8months old for me). It ain’t going to happen quickly so you’ll just have to be patient. All good things come with time 😉

Photos captured by D3x, 24f1.4AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film