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on Apr 29, 2010 in Great Stuff

Home to Two Days of Snow – What A Change!

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After spending a week in the deserts of the Southwest, the last thing we thought we’d be coming home to was snow! Not that we had perfect weather all the time. Our first day which was supposed to be a scout day turned out to be gale force wind day! I’m still cleaning the sand out of my belly button, not a pretty site at all! None the less, the light was happening at sunset so with tumble weeds flying past me in the background, the cameras came out and taping went on.

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And I always wondered what folks thought when they saw us working. I mean, looking at this it might seem we’re a bit clueless. One day working in conditions that was destroying equipment and the next day seeming unable to point our equipment in the right direction. But oh, what a team we were! We have Adam the director/producer, Steady Eddy on camera 2, Stephanie keeping us all straight while shooting these great behind the scene photos (thx Stephanie!) and Sharon working the crowds and keeping them out of camera view and mic hearing. Did we produce some killer stuff!

Photos by SMC Photography