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on May 6, 2010 in Just Out!

The iPad & Moose

Those who follow my Tweets and Facebook sites know that ever since last Friday, I’ve been talking about the iPad. Actually, if you as my good friend RC, you’d find out I’ve been not only talking about the iPad since before it was publicly announced, but planning making use of this incredibly technology. I’ve had a number of folks ping me and ask that now that I have it, what apps do i find useful or cool, or both. The iPad specific apps that I really like are many. The one that really makes me incredibly happy is Pages. This app permits you to write using the iPad, not just write but type. Working in the landscape mode, I’ve gotten pretty darn good typing two handed. What’s really cool is it saves your text as a Word document.  Pages does a whole lot more but that’s the main thing I’m using it for right now. With the great battery life and my travel schedule, this is one hot app!

I also really like the fact that each morning, I can now check the news really easily and fast and READ it! AP News, USA Today, NPR, BBC News all have iPad apps which are full screen, interactive and make it really simple to keep up with our world. I’m loving that! What gets me is, all these news apps and material is free. I’m not complaining but I’d be happy to pay for a subscription so they continue to keep coming.

I also really like the new RadarScope app. This weather along with TWC MAX+ help me keep up with the weather for all the places I travel too. Having this info large screen really makes it easy at the end of the day when the eyes are tired and attention span for detail shorter.

Then there is TIME and Zinio. The TIME app which is free but you have to pay to read a particular issue, is simply, without a doubt, freakin cool! I’m not talking in particular about the content but the presentation and especially the possibilities. I firmly believe this is the hope of saving the editorial market! Zinio which is not new but now has a iPad app permits you to read your magazine subscription on your iPad. All you can do is read, there is no TIME Magazine interaction but it’s still all new.

WRP actually got a couple of 3G 64GB iPads and other then the major bug of buying your data plan I first came up against, I have been completely thrilled with the 1st generation iPad. We hit the road again shortly, I’ve got movies loaded, 3G up and going and looking forward to road testing this bad boy and see if what I envision as a great business tool panning out. Oh, for those who have asked if I’m going to use this for my photography, not how it is now. I have 30Gb of free space, I’d eat that up in one morning of shooting. And until there is some type of FTP app to move images off quickly, I don’t see this as a direct photographic tool. Not yet.

UPDATE: FTP to Go Pro looks like a promising FTP app for the iPad which includes the ability to wirelessly obtain photos taken with the iPhone. I’ve used it enough to bring it to you attention but not enough to say it’s the solution. I’ll be putting it to the test on the road, it will be interesting to see how it flies.