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on May 12, 2010 in Landscape Photography

Sometimes I Just Don't Know!

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Sometimes, I’m just on the rocks which way to turn, really! Our second day of DLWS Moab was just Phenomenal! The light has been simply, nearly, beyond capture it is so gorgeous. Here’s a case in point, the spires you see through Mesa Arch.

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Normally the subject for me is was dictates if I’m going to shoot horizontal or vertical. But the subject here is the light. It’s not the spires but rather the play of light on the spires. The lights filtering through the morning haze and dust plays differently in he scene be it vertical or horizontal and since I couldn’t decide at the time of capture, I took both and more than likely, both will end up to be a favorite. Moral: when in doubt, shoot both!

Mesa Arch was great this morning and for reasons that go way beyond the rocks. But you might have noticed that of late, I’ve been doing a LOT of rock photography between the Sierra, Monument Valley and now Moab. Do rocks affect folks? Well, see what my bud Joe has to say, and show on that matter!