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on May 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Such a Simple Tool – 1Image HDR

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Here’s the view out our window in NY. It’s one I’ve posted here many times and since I’m use to seeing pines when I look out the window, I enjoy looking that the Empire State bldg quite a bit. And, I make a few clicks along the way.

This movie requires Flash Player 9

And while I like the top click, it really doesn’t bring “New York” out in the photo. Of course to really do that, I need to add sirens, people, trash cans dropping sounds to this photo but that’s not possible. So I did the next best thing I think and that’s 1 Image HDR. What does that do? Look at the two photos. The top one, only a couple of elements in the photo really grab your attention and while they are colorful, the majority of the image is dark, lifeless.

But New York is anything but lifeless at night! We’re just off Time’s Sq and it’s glow at night can be seen in space. So not have it in the photograph really doesn’t tell the story of NYC at night. A single click didn’t do it and full blown HDR was too much trouble which is where 1 Image HDR (Thx RC!) really works great. I use it for a lot of things and at this time, Photomatix Pro still does the best job of this very simple technique.

Photo captured by D3s, 50AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film