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on May 21, 2010 in Camera Tech

Getting Closer to Brass Tacks

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What are we really talking about here? I mean seriously, what is the end game that we are shooting for with all of this discussion? Along with the all important essence of the photograph, the content that grabs the heart, it’s image quality. That’s pretty much to the heart of Jim’s question, is there a final image quality difference between the DX format and the FX format. I hope this doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings (and I’m sure it will though), but most photographers destroy the image quality they captured by their post processing more then any loss they might think they loose in capture from body or lens. But the question is still out there, would or does Moose see a difference in image quality between DX and FX?

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The answer as far as I’m concerned is always in the final image. Unless you’ve been to a DLWS and seen the 24×30 prints coming out of the D3x and Epson 7900 (a gorgeous printer!) for yourself would you really be able to make the quality call for any particular lens or technique. Personally, that’s my measuring stick, the 24×30 print. And the realities are, that’s over kill to the enth degree! Since the vast majority of my work ends up on the editor page, that majority of that image quality I’m lookin for is never seen. The slide presentations we give, that massive 140MB file is now down to just 970k and the web, ha!, that’s a 68k file. So before even venturing to whether DX or FX produces better results, you’ve gotta look at and figure out what’s the end game. Let me prove my point.

You see above two images, both are Bald Eagles in flight, both taken with 600mm lens but they were taken with different bodies. Can you tell which is which? Those who know me know I’m screwin with your minds so just be forewarned. Oh yeah, don’t forget that these are just big Jpegs you’re lookin at, they are not big PSD files. Which is which? That’s for the next posting. I am such a bastard 🙂

What body took this shot? Click Here Is this FX?

How about this image? Click Here Or is this FX? Perhaps neither?

Just for a giggle, I did this blog posting with the iPad. A little bit of a challenge but I know that at least it can be done.