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on May 22, 2010 in Camera Tech

So, Does Moose See a Difference?

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Cutting right to the chase, using my standards and measures, I sure do! I’m shooting a D3x folks, I’d best see and make use of the difference or I’ve wasted my money. But if we were to go back down to 8×10 or even 11×14, any difference I might see between FX and DX is so minute, it’s not worth the expense of the D3x. But for my style of photography and my end goal, shooting FX and the lenses I do makes sense, that doesn’t mean it makes sense for your photography and that’s the whole point! I’ve been at this photography game, making clicks and attempting to make money for thirty years. That time behind the camera gives me an advantage that you too will have after you put your time in. Camera and lens aside, time is still one of the biggest factors in a photograph!

And what about the two photos, which was shot with who? The photo above is a D3s and the other is a D2Hs capture. Many wrote they thought it was the opposite. They sited rightfully so that the D2Hs must be the FX image because they could see more detail in the head of the Bald Eagle. There again, I was screwing with your head, literally! If you go back and look at those two images, what’s the one thing the D2Hs Bald Eagle head have that the D3s head didn’t have? One simple element, a key one that I work very hard to include and enhance, black! And that my friends is a whole other topic for the future.