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on May 24, 2010 in Camera Tech

How Sharp is Really Sharp?

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I’m sitting on the front porch waiting for Mr UPS to deliver the new 200-400VR2. I’m incredibly excited to see for myself how the new nano crystal coating has juiced up the optical performance of this lens. I’ve been told great things but I’ve got to see it for myself. And while I’m sitting here waiting comes the dilemma, if I see an improvement in the lenses, how do I share that with you other than in words? The true measure for me personally is not in words but in photos. But in this medium of the web, you can’t tell the critical difference between what might be just sharp compared to wicked sharp. The 200-400 is a major lens in my arsenal, I know there are lots of owners out there who have contacted me already anxious to here what I think. Trying to avoid the pitfalls of the past, I thought I would set the stage a little by visually showing what I mean when I say wicked sharp.

Click Here To degrees in Sharpness

The photo of Donald was taken with the wickedly sharp 24f1.4AFS. You look at his beard and eye on the 21UX Cintiq or 24×30 print and you can count every individual hair. Good luck doing that on the web! Now to communicate what I’m seeing and saying about sharpness, I took this wickedly sharp image and using Gaussian Blur and going back and forth on the web, I created four images displaying different degrees of sharpness. Keep in mind what I wrote here, or here, or here, .

Hopefully, this will help us all down the road when talking about lens performance.