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on May 27, 2010 in Field Reports

Up in the Air – The Need for Speed

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The plane I was in was a T6, able to go just over 200mph. What I’m photographing is a P-51D that can crank up to 450mph. We ran at full throttle and the P-51D slowed down as much as it could and stay in the air. Why does that matter? Well the P-51D had to remain on our right as we flew and on the outside of all our banks to keep up air speed. My neck is still killing me from twisting in a very unnatural way for 45min. I had to shoot right eyed (I normally shoot left eyed) and tilt my head to see through the viewfinder. At the same time holding the camera rig while bracing it from the air stream all made for challenges.

Photo captured by D3s, 70-200VRII on Lexar UDMA digital film