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on May 27, 2010 in Aviation

Up in the Air – What I was After

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What was I after photographically? The P-51D served many roles in WWII, from bomber escort to ground troop support. You might remember them coming in at end of Saving Private Ryan and their being called “tank busters.” The P-51D can do easily 400mph, not bad. Well with the combination of speed and history, I wanted to fly on the deck and photograph the P-51D from above with the ground a total blur. The shutter speed is already down to 1/90 so that part of the equation is OK, but what’s the problem with this whole concept? First there is the FAA who doesn’t really like strafing. Next to get the ground blur, what do you need to do when panning? The camera position is stack as it pans with the moving subject. I’m in a chase plane doing the same speed as the subject. There is no way to pan. I can’t spin in my seat and it’s not safe to have the P-51D speed by, come back around and then speed by again since we’re not sitting still. So while what I had in mind didn’t work, I managed to get past the disappointment!

Photo captured by D3s, 70-200VRII on Lexar UDMA digital film