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on Jun 8, 2010 in Aviation

So What’s Been Handed to Ya?

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The problem still is, as with any photograph taken anywhere of anything, the background. When it comes to aviation, it’s no difference. I wrote about the challenge recently when I was shooting some air to air. So the challenge was on with this twenty minute flight to make something of the opportunity handed to us.

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Do you back your bags and go just because it’s not exactly what you wanted or desired? That is a valid option but it’s typically not one I use. The F-86E flight was at 12:10 so the for all intents and purposes, the sun was directly overhead. The smog was pillin on and depending which way you pointed the lens, you got a totally different blue. To that you got different reflections on the F-86E as it flew over hangers, tarmac, fields, etc. And then there was the flight path, a lazy figure eight 800+ feet over the deck with the intersection of the eight right over our head and bloody right in front of the sun.

The closest the F-86E was to us was when it was directly overhead and in front of the sun. The first few passes (it only made a dozen) I went with aviation 101 stuff, the banking in and out of the turn. I could see in the viewfinder what I was getting and I wasn’t happy. Time it ticking, the problem needs to be solved…how?

Photos captured by D3s, 200-400VRII on Lexar UDMA digital film