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on Jun 9, 2010 in Random Thoughts

Where’s the Beef?

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A real common and very valid question is, “Why don’t you have photo business stuff on your site?” Encouraging folks to get in the business is something we do all the time. I mention “the business” quite a bit here on the blog. So why isn’t there pages and pages and blog after blog of business on the site? We have taught a number of business workshops over the years, the current being Base Camp. They all have been 4-5 day long workshops. Four to five days because it takes that long to just get through the basics of getting a wildlife photography business going. Looking at the stats and receiving the questions asking questions just answered a week prior on the blog, we know the vast majority of folks don’t search the site for past information. The bottomline is, I could put the information here but it one, wouldn’t get read in order and completely and two, would be obsolete so fast I would be constantly updating something that isn’t getting read except by the one person pointing out it was obsolete.

This doesn’t mean for a heartbeat I don’t think YOU can make it in the business. If I can, any body can which is why we have conducted business workshops for the last twenty years. But if you want to learn this stuff from me, you’re going to have to spend some time with me and that for many is more scary then going into business. I sure wish I could right a couple of eloquent postings and give you all the answers, but its just isn’t that simple.