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on Jun 15, 2010 in Wildlife Photography

So Common, So Cool, So Funny!

There are some birds that you see in TX that you see over and over and over. They are the local residents that live all year in the scrub habitat. The trashers, No Mockingbird, Long-billed and this one, the Curve-billed provide countless hours of entertainment.

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Now when you get into a blind for the first time and these characters first show up, you click like mad. The Curve-billed has got great visuals to it, who can help themselves. But then you see them all the time, most tend to turn their attention to other birds, ignoring these guys.

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But I’m weak, I find it hard to pass them up especially when they come up to point blank range. This was taken just outside the MFD of the 600VR. The soft light, the background, the perceived action screamed to be photographed in my mind.

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Then there is that biology that makes the trashers unique and one of those traits is the wing pumping. This Curve-billed is reacting to a Coachwhip Snake that’s on the ground going by. Folks see Mockingbirds doing the same biology during the spring when they try to warn off competition from their territories. You never know when it’s going to happen so what you see here at least for me is common, clipped wings. It was this reaction that told us a snake was coming from behind the behind the blind. Had too much lens for the moment so while they are common, really cool and funny, I find making the shot of this biology a real challenge.

Photos captured by D3x, 600VR w/TC-20e3 on Lexar UDMA digital film