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on Jun 25, 2010 in Aviation, Friday Thoughts

The Fortunes of Dues

I’ve written many times about time and it’s importance in photography. There is one aspect of time though that I’ve barely brushed upon, a benefit that we really have no control over yet rewards us when we least expect it.

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You poor folks have had to suffer for a week looking at my aviation images, a simple pleasure I’m incredibly fortunate to indulge in at this point in my career. Putting in the time, paying the dues is part of the process and for the most part, it is just part of the evolution of a career. But then when you least expect it you get a reward for paying those dues. Being incredibly fortunate, I’ve had more than my fair share and this past week is a prime example.

The Reward

The Reno Air Racing Association sponsored a fly over of five T6 Texans over the Reno Rodeo and the traveling Vietnam Wall Memorial in Reno. My good fortune was I was asked to ride in the backseat of #5 in the formation of the T6s. Even more fortunate was that all the pilots are friends so to and from the fly over I got some air to air time in. It was a great flight with great clouds and light. The pilots being great formation fliers hammed it up for me providing amazing photo opps. This opportunity only came from putting in the hours, learning a new craft and pushing that craft. I know that in a year or two I’ll look back at these photographs and wish I’d done better. Oh don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly and completely loved the ride, you can see that in the hero shot. I just know that in time my photography will improve because I will continue to push my craft and learn more, continuing to pay my dues and improve. Mistakes I made during flight I won’t make next time improving on the past but making new mistakes to improve on again. I hope to learn enough about air to air photography that I am able to pass that on to you. I’m just not there yet so in the meantime, you will have to wade through my efforts and growing pains and understand that with time, you too will experience the fortunes of dues.