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on Jun 29, 2010 in B&W Photography, Landscape Photography

Perhaps the Next Question Should Be – Color or B&W?

A challenge for so many when they put the camera to their eye is, “Do I shoot vertically or horizontally?” Moving forward from that question for me for my landscape work is the question, “Color or B&W?”

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So we just looked at the subtle change just turning the camera can have to a landscape image. In that process of doing the dance, what does the option of B&W bring to the dance? First, many have a hard time just seeing their world in B&W. Try just squinting your eyes, this will take those highlights that will blow out become gone to your vision and those areas that will be lost in the shadows, black to your vision.

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With that, you should start seeing those areas in your photo that are the highlights. In this particular example (every photograph is different) the subject is the highlight and when you turn the camera vertically and your go to B&W, damn if the subject doesn’t smack you right between the eyes. And when you do that with your subject, the viewer of your photograph can’t help but see the subject and that’s when you win! And you’d be surprised when you do that correctly, those little things you missed that shouldn’t be in the photo, magically disappear! I’m looking forward to sharing this with the folks next week when they come to our Eastern Sierra Adv and play with our puffies in their viewfinders! And yes, this is what I saw when I clicked, a vertical, B&W photo.

Photos captured by D3s, 24-70AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film