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on Jul 1, 2010 in Random Thoughts

What’s Your Favorite Image?

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I’ve done a whole lot of interviews of late and one common question is, “What’s your favorite image?” The honest answer doesn’t ever seem to satisfy the interviewer but it’s the truth. My favorites tend to be ones that I’ve recently captured and for one reason or another, fascinate me. The Corsair I posted earlier today is a good example. While I didn’t recently capture it, the elements of design the ass shot presented just stuck with me until I figured out how I wanted to finish it to bring that out.

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Here are two more examples. The Crested Caracara above was taken just a couple of weeks ago in TX. Why is that a favorite right now? It’s the same reason the photo of the A-10 Warthog taken in Feb at the I understand where the interviewer is coming from when they ask the question, but what might be my favorite most likely will not be other’s favorites for one simple reason. I have an emotional investment in the photo. Favorites IMHO don’t have to be Pulitzer Prize winning photos, not even ones you want to put on your livingroom wall. They are simply clicks which represent to you, that moment in time the best and stretch your imagination and passion. And more then likely, tomorrow I might just be locked onto some other image I find in my files while pulling images for clients and that will become a favorite. I just don’t see how, if you shoot a lot like you should be, you can have just one favorite. If that’s the case, I think there is something really wrong. I mean, if you didn’t like the photo, why did you take it in the first place?