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on Jul 6, 2010 in Friday Thoughts

How Do People Vote?

I thought about this for a while, why the posting is going up so late. The question is very simple, how do folks vote to say whether they like your photograph or not? We could belabor the point of focus or exposure. These are always very popular reasons that photographers give for liking or not liking their photographs.

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We could go on and talk about subject matter or placement. The Rule of Thirds always gets a good beating during that discussion. It normally deteriorates though back to exposure and depth of field. If you’re lucky, color might come into play at some point.

The discussion could elevate to a higher level and talk about light. Now we’re takin photography when we start talking about the light in a photo. There is no arguing that great light makes a great photo so using that as a measuring stick for voting would seem to make sense how folks vote.

But really, why do photographers think folks look at their images through those glasses? I guess if you only take your photographs to only please other photographers, that would be the criteria I guess the audience would use to vote rather they like your photo or not.
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But how do the folks we should be shooting for, those not as fortunate to venture out and see the wonders of the world as we do, vote where they like a photograph or not? It’s real simple, they either look at it or they don’t.

Sure, we could debate all that stuff up above and a whole lot more that goes into making the general public like a photo. And while that’s true, doesn’t that debate take us away from the fun and passion that should be going into our images? I’ve yet to see a crowd around a magazine rack looking at one photo debating the merits of any photo. I’ve just seen smiles when they found something they like. I know when I really like a photo, I just smile and shake my head yes. That’s all it should take.

There is no mental debate about exposure or focus, placement of the subject or the light because they don’t know anything about that. They simply know what they like and don’t like. Perhaps putting that simplicity into your shooting might just improve your photography so, folks just simply like them.