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on Jul 9, 2010 in Landscape Photography, Moose Adventures

Eastern Sierra Adv – Summer Edition

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It’s one of my favorite times of year and we couldn’t be happier then to be sharing it with photographers. We have a great group of adventurers with us exploring all the magic the Eastside has to offer in summer. Typical Moose fashion, we were up before the sun so we could greet it. Using an old technique from film days, shot prior to the sunrise, minus 3 exp comp dialed in and nothing else permitted the color, gradation and moon to be captured in one click. No filters needed, just lots of coffee!

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Working at nearly 10,000 feet, the sun comes up early. Working the ridgeline, you can find little isolated pockets of light on really cool subjects. For me, a total wildflower moron, this is important. Sticking my ass up in the air at all let alone that early in the morning, it better be darn easy. This little Mtn Phlox though is a the perfect example of what I’m talking about. I borrowed Jake’s 24-70, zoomed to 70mm, bent over and shot. Dialed in -1.5 exp comp to make the shadows go black and I was done. By 7AM, light was hard and the call of the wild pancake could be heard from the mtn tops. Damn good morning and great start!

Many have asked if there is a Eastern Sierra Adv for the fall. There is, it’s based out of Mammoth Lakes and even though we’ve not announced it or dates (waiting for last minute for best guess on fall color) there are only two openings left. Give Sharon a call at the office if you want to join in.

Photos captured by D3x, 45PC-E / 24-70AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film