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on Jul 9, 2010 in Landscape Photography

The Small Rewards of Just Getting Out

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There is no doubt that you have to live in the mountains and be into history for these subjects to seem romantic to ya. I love living in the mtns and love history so these are very romantic. This is an old time cooling rack attached to the kitchen of a 1900s cabin. Put wet burlap around it on the outside and you have a cooler. Pretty clever considering it’s in the middle of nowhere, a little modern convenience created through ingenuity.

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And this is no more than a study of time. The century this little out building has survived being buried under 30′ of snow each winter. The study of time as the light of the day slowly slips up the side before disappearing and saying good night. Damn, what a great day to be out and be a photographer!

Photos captured by D3x, 70-200VR2 on Lexar UDMA digital film