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on Jul 26, 2010 in Camera Tech

What Camera Gear Am I Taking These Trips?

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I figured I would have a couple of emails asking that (and I did) so I already had this post in the que. This will have to be a two part answer, a post now for the 1st leg and a post in a week for the 2nd leg. The 1st let I’m going to a brand new event for me, never been to the AirVenture. While the “subject” is planes, that’s really saying a mouth full. Planes comes in every shape, size, age and price tag you can’t imagine, and then some. Add to that the thousands upon thousands of folks and you get a better idea of the subject, it’s large than just planes. This is what I’ll have to photographically deal with what I want for telling the story of this adventure.

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The planes come one of two ways, either on the ground or in the air. Statics (parked on the ground) has never been my forte, I struggle with them. So they are something I’m going to push myself on this trip. The primary lenses for statics will be the 18AF, 24-70AFS and 70-200VR2. I will also have the 16Fish just in case an opportunity arises for the ultrawide look. There is the slim chance I might be up in a plane doing some air2air work. For that the 24-70 & 70-200 are essential. Along with the statics are at times folks dressed in period aviator clothes, that means models. So I’ll have a SB-900, SC-27, gels and diffuser along. There are also some aircraft in hangers, long line ups of ships, possible needs for minimum DOF so the 24f1.4 is also in the mix.

That’s all that’s going for the ground work. For photographing the planes in the air, the 200-400VR2. That’s the easiest thing to take for this whole trip. When it comes to bodies I’ll be taking two, the D3x (main body) and D3s which is primarily for video capture.

Along with this, the Mountainsmith Day sling bag will also have the iPad (with model releases & portfolio), business cards, Leatherman Tool, spare D3 battery, 6 16GB 600x Lexar cards, Epson P7000, rain shell and couple other little things. This. along with the 200-400VR2 w/D3x attached will be over my shoulder. And this whole set up I have preflighted at another aviation show and that’s all the camera gear I’ll have on this trip.