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on Jul 30, 2010 in Simple Click

Simple Click – Gorgeous View!

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We had a spectacular flight up to Oshkosh, WI today. This is just outside of Ottumwa IA where we stopped to refuel. We arrived in Osh at 11:30, got the plane parked in the campsite, that’s right, we camp at the plane, and then headed into the action. By 8PM I had 2200 images on cards already and this was just the warm up day! My challenge will be to get blogs up this week. there is no electricity at the campsite so charging batteries, uploading cards and posting will be fun to say the least. I’ll do my best to share the fun and excitement that is Oshkosh. I do want to say thanks to those Moose Fans I’ve already meet, shook hands with and talked to here. It just makes it all that more special to me!