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on Aug 2, 2010 in Aviation

And the Fun Begins!

We landed at Oshkosh just as Kevin planned around noon. Kevin earned his “Rock Your Wings” and down on 27 we came soft and safe. We parked the plane, grabbed our gear, got on a bus and headed over to the show. From the air, the show looks massive. From the ground, overwhelming!

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Photographically, it all started with my weakest, statics. I was determined to improve which meant getting out of the box and my comfort zone. I did fall back though on my favorite crutch for success, light. The spot light on the American Flag on this P-51D was the first thing I saw and it was an obvious click.

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Some call me Mr Clouds because when it comes to machines that play amongst the clouds, I think they are a must in the photograph. So when I have great clouds in the background and light in the foreground, finding something interesting to play those two again is pretty easy. Here’s a buffed DC-3 nose stuck up in the air, just stunning!

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Here’s the nose art on another stunning DC-3. The light on the polished perfect aluminum just sucked us in and with that simple clean background, it took no skill to make the shot. Just aim and shoot!

Oshkosh was a totally new experience for me, like so many things in my career, I’d heard about it in glowing terms but never experienced. Just like going to a National Park or Refuge or any other place for the first time, I approach them the same way. With camera in hand I explore the overall first and then narrow down my points of interest and opportunities. This is so I comeback with images and not getting overwhelmed by the vastness of the place. All week I will be showing and talking about Oshkosh and while the subject might seem to be just planes, it’s anything but just all about planes. Once again, I learned lessons and one of the biggest ones from Osh was it’s about the people, not the planes. I was incredibly fortunate to have the company of two good friends on this journey, Kevin and Scotty. Stick around, I have a lot to share with you!

Photos captured by D3x, 24-70AFS / 200-400VR2 on Lexar UDMA digital film