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on Aug 3, 2010 in Just Out!

And Now A Word from our Sponsor

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Just what the hell do I do? Unless you’re in our office and know what I do day in and day out, how would anyone really know or understand just what it is Moose does. Had an interesting text today where someone asked one of my dear friends, “Why Moose isn’t doing animals anymore…” I’m sure that comes from seeing on the blog photos of planes and landscapes and airports and not a ton of wildlife in the last few months. And if you don’t take the time to read the blog posting but just look at the photos, it’s easy to see where one would make that assumption. But if you read, you would see where the projects I had lined up where blown out by weather, but that’s just part of the reason.

One aspect 99.9% of the public doesn’t get is there is NO one paying me to go out and take wildlife photographs. I’ve never had ONE assignment, to do what I do, I have to go out and first earn the money to pay for it. Despite popular ignorant belief, no one gives me gear or gas or trucks, I have to earn it. Next, I go out and find those projects we feel we need to put our time in. This decision process has nothing to do with money but much “grander” and “loftier” goals and we go do them. And if we are fortunate, and we’ve been very fortunate, they turn a dime sometime down the road. In the perfect world, all I would be doing is photographing wildlife, 24/7 365 and you’d never see me!

The little critter above though is a perfect example of what I do. This is the Collared Pika, an inhabitant of the far North. The two week project in which I took this photo 3yrs ago was $9k out of my pocket, money still not recouped in any sales. Damn important project, 100% glad I did it but it paid no bills and in fact, created a whole bunch. So when I can go and work in aviation and create $9k in income for 20min of work, that pays for a whole lot of project work, “animal” time. It also creates blog postings of current work.

I’m one of the few bloggers on this planet who is posting continual new images, not stuff from my archives like in this posting. I tend to blog images that are more than just pretty, but have some trivia behind them that might help folks with their photography. I’m a wildlife photographer through and through with a deep passion for photography which leads me at times to landscapes and aviation because besides deeply enjoying those aspects of photography, they pay the bills for where my heart lies, and that’s wildlife photography. When the book comes out next month, I’m sure this question won’t come up, for awhile. And that’s a word from our sponsor.