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on Aug 4, 2010 in Aviation

Say Hi to Snake!

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We’re sitting there eating breakfast all by ourselves with nothing but empty seats around us. The next thing I know this gentleman is sitting next to me. He has a great smile and like the majority of nice folks at Oshkosh, said good morning. Scotty being the bold member in our little group struck up a conversation with the gentleman who we learn is Dudley. Well he talks planes with Scotty and Kevin and after a while, we all finish breakfast and go our own ways.

Later I see what appears to be the same guy behind the A-4 talking with the pilot of the Skyhawk. They are soon shaking hands. He walks closer to us and I see it’s Dudley so when I have a moment, I walk up to him and ask him if he flew the A-4. Oh yeah, he flew the A-4 and a whole lot more. 90min later we had become fast friends with Dudly and heard some great stories. Near the end I asked him if he would like to have his picture taken with the A-4. The twinkle in his eyes and smile on his face was all that was required to make the photo happen. I went to Oshkosh thinking it was all about planes. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s all about people and thanks to Dudley, I found this out quickly making the week something very special! Thanks Snake!

Photo captured by D3x, 24-20AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film