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on Aug 19, 2010 in Wildlife Photography

Say Hello to the Alaska Marmot

On day two we got glass on a couple of these amazing critters and on day three, spent 9hrs with them. This is what we were after on our project. What’s cool about this critter? The list is a damn long one from being the longest true hibernator on the planet to probably one of the first to go extinct in the near future from climate warming.

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And that’s why I was up there, the Alaska Marmot being part of a long tern project that started three years ago for me in AK. Now when the biologists tell you that you’re one of the first to ever photograph this species (many mistaken the Hoary Marmot for the Alaska), well all that pain to get up to their home is just that much sweeter. The icing on the cake was the technology we brought to the biology, the D3s capturing video of the Alaska Marmot’s biology that was only guessed at before. One piece of video will be turned into a scientific paper in the future. That’s way cool and I feel very fortunate I can bring that to a project!

What I’ve shared here is just a very teeny weeny part of our adventure. There’s is a whole lot more and if you want to hear it, you have two options. I’ll be in the PeachPit Theater at Photoshop World at 5:00PM on 01 Sept where I’ll tell this story along with some others from my upcoming book, Captured. And the whole story along with the nuts & bolts of working on the North Slope along with a special piece on how to start a photography business will be in the upcoming issue of the BT Journal. But for right now, just say hello to a new friend of mine. You’ll be hearing a lot more about him in the future!

Photo captured by D3x, 600VR w/TC-20e3 on a grand day!