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on Aug 31, 2010 in Landscape Photography

We LOVE to Explore new Places!

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We came out of Valley of the Gods and the road sign which predicts nothing short of death if you drive it, just begged us to explore. So of we went.

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After this wicked drive up the side of a mesa, we cruised along this long stretch of Cedar Mesa taking us to Natural Bridges Nat’l Monument.

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As the name suggests, the bridges were formed by water erosion creating some really cool formation. Whie Russell huffed it down to the bottom of the canyon for the first bridge, the rest of us just hiked down to the vista point. You climb down a wood ladder (as in tree trunks) at one point but it was well worth the effort. We all walked down to the last bridge and just in time to get some clouds floating by. This is another locale I would love comeback to and camp and do stat trails. Gorgeous place we’d never been to before but need to comeback to!

Photo captured by D3x, 18AF on Lexar UDMA digital film