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on Sep 1, 2010 in Great Stuff

With Talented Dancers, forget the Sun!

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Yeap, the ditched us so we ditched the sun. Cara did a great job dancing to the light!

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The light being a simple SB-900 shot through a Lastolite Ezy-Box. Stephanie had the Ezy-Box on a pole stand held just off stage left. A SD-800 was on the camera so we could control the light long distance. The camera was at -2, the flash at +1.3 with a 1/2 cut CTO doing the rest of the work. The only challenge was keeping a charge in the flash as it was pounded by attendees having fun. I want to thank Joe for being such a great and fun partner to work with, Cara for her immense talent and patience with us and finally the great folks who joined us for a marvelous day!

Photos captured by D3x, 200VR on Lexar UDMA digital film