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on Sep 7, 2010 in Landscape Photography

One Tree – One View, One Image?

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There’s more to share from our Monument Valley adventure, I want to start with this one pretty picturesque Juniper. This is one old tree in a pretty schweet locale probably been photographed by hundreds of shooters each year. Tucked up against a mesa with this million dollar view in nearly every direction, just how do you make the image? Regrettably on this day, I had a date with a sand dune so the ticking clock was most definitely not my friend. With the gorgeous light and sky though a stop had to be made. This is the view we say when we got out of the truck. The question is, does this tell the story of this tree in this place at this moment in time? Stick around today as I share what I found told the story best for me.

Photo captured by D3x, 18AF on Lexar UDMA digital film