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on Sep 10, 2010 in Great Stuff

Rogue Flashbenders – Why Didn’t I Think of Them?

One of the really cool perks of being on the Photoshop World Dreamteam is the cool products we’re presented as a thank you. In our bag in Vegas was this really thin cardboard envelope which at first, I didn’t give a second thought. In fact, it wasn’t until two days ago I opened it up to find what I now think are incredibly cool, the Rogue Flashbenders. I’m not alone, Scott reviewed them when they were first announced. These small flash light modifiers attach to the flash without anything, not one single thread being attached permanently to the flash itself. The attachment system is one piece and it’s part of the modifier itself. A GREAT design (wish I had thought of it!). Next the kit we received had three different units, all fit in my sling bag, all fit the SB-900 and all can be folded, molded and used in whatever way you need to modify the light. I planned on having a video to introduce this cool tool but ran out of time. So, here’s the product you should go buy and I’ll have a video for your shortly to give you ideas how to use them.