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on Sep 14, 2010 in Just Out!

Can I Afford to Act like a Kid?

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I’m off to the races. Yeap, another year has flown by and it’s time to volunteer again at the Nikon center in the Press Center at the Reno Air Races. Sharon, Jake & I look forward to this every year and this year, we’re taking Stephanie so she can get hooked on this amazing event. As you can imagine, I will be blogging there for the next five days. Yeap, I’ll be blogging over the weekend and on Sunday, have some fun things to announce so stick around!

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But here’s the deal, can I afford to act like a kid this time? Before, I was at the races for the sheer fun and passion of it. The images I took weren’t really for anything more than your & mine enjoyment. But in 2010, things changed and as you’ll be able to read about in the upcoming issue of the BT Journal, we went and made a business out of my aviation work. So to put all my cards on the table, I’m a bit nervous going up to Reno this time. On the business side, we’re taking most of the office staff with us, have Stephanie contracted out shooting, I’ll be shooting, the capitol outlay to put us all in place this time has to turn a profit. It’s not just for fun anymore, it’s not just a break even proposition but it actually as to turn a profit. In my own mind I have to ask, can we do it?

When it comes to wildlife photography, I know that with each click there is no pay and after 30yrs have become quite comfortable with that. Outlaying capitol for a project knowing we won’t see a return for years and years is OK, we have a business plan for that. But such is not the case with aviation, we need it to return on the investment in a much shorter period of time. While I don’t expect every click to return a dime, at the end of the day though I will need to see something, a carrot dangling out in front of me or the pressure might just take the fun or worse, the passion out of the event. I’ve seen that happen all to often in other photographers, working like hell to avoid it for myself. Only time will tell.