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on Sep 16, 2010 in Aviation

Only at Reno!

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This beautiful Lear Jet taking off and just off the deck. You’ll never guess what it’s doing at Reno. It’s the pace plane for the jet class racing. Seriously, it’s the pace plane and it’s real cool to see so up close and personal. I love jets for one particular reason, I can shoot in Aperture Priority, open up the aperture and shoot with basic impunity. What do I mean by that? The faster shutter speed means panning is a snap. It means that if your arms are tired, you don’t have to be as steady. It means that any dust on the sensor won’t show up as a UFO because you’re not shooting at f/22. And, speed is fun!

Photo captured by D3x, 200-400VR (handheld) on Lexar UDMA digital film