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on Oct 8, 2010 in Landscape Photography

OK, We Stopped Again

We were pushing the clock, had to get up the hwy to the airport and we didn’t know if the night’s snow or hwy construction would cause any delays over the pass but light is light, so we stopped. Armed with just the P7000, I clicked away.

You might be saying, “A point & shoot?” but don’t let the fact that the camera doesn’t cost a thousand dollars that you can’t get great results or, that it isn’t photography. The light was gorgeous, the landscape very inviting and the P7000 did a great job bringing it home. The NRW (Raw) file finished just like any other Raw file with no finishing needed with the top image and Silver Efex Pro used on the bottom image. The P7000 has Picture Control just like the D3 so shooting on Vivid, it was truly a point and shoot affair!