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on Oct 18, 2010 in B&W Photography, Landscape Photography

No Rain, No Pain, No Maine

You gotta love mother nature. No matter what you plan, it really doesn’t matter because she is going to do whatever she wants to do. So the sign in the Appalachian Cafe was so true. No Rain, No Pain, No Maine!

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The first day, we didn’t even try to get out, the nor’easter pretty much kept us pinned up. The next day despite the rain and drizzle, we made an attempt. We drove up to Baxter State Park and waited in the truck for 90min while the worst of the rain went by. We then made the short walk up to Sandy Stream Pond only to stand in the wind in drizzle. With the best eyes in teh business scanning the pond, after a couple of hours, we called it.

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Heading back to the room wasn’t an option so we started to cruise the park looking for targets of opportunity. We were pleased to see that even with the big rains, leaves still remained in some locations. So out we popped to make some clicks.

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Why B&W? The wet trunks just suggested to me that B&W worked better so, B&W it is.

Photos captured by D3x, 24-70AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film