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on Oct 21, 2010 in Landscape Photography

ESA – Day1 am

Fall on the eastside, I still know of no batter place to experience or enjoy fall and all its rewards. I’ve been “doin” fall now for 8 weeks and while saw the best “eastern” color this past week, nothing beats the color at home!

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We started off at one of my still favorite places, Mono Lake. These photos were taken this morning, they hot off the sensor. And the sum up a point I try to make with folks. Move!

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Mono Lake is a busy place right now with the fall color in the hills and the full moon rise comin up. So as much as I watch the scenery, I watch other photographers and parking is really common. They put down their tripod and there they stay until time to get breakfast. What you see here is just five minutes of time but in those five minutes the clouds change and since they tie everything together, I felt I had to move ten feet to my right. I’m glad I did, a stronger photo for it. For both photos, a split grad .9 was used and the camera’s WB was Cloudy A6 with -2.5 exp comp. Easy stuff.

Photos captured by D3x, 18AF on Lexar UDMA digital film