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on Oct 26, 2010 in Landscape Photography

ESA – Day3am

While I have a plan on where I would like to take the gang when we head out each time on our Eastern Sierra Adv, I still make a last minute call when I see the light up and down the Sierra.

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This morning we headed north. I was thinking of going up Lee Vining Cyn but when I saw the clouds, I made a beeline to the shore of Mono Lake. The clouds and the light dictated a high vantage point so that’s where we headed. There was a slight window in the clouds so I knew there would be an exposure issue. So I went to my now favorite 7 image HDR mode to wrangle it all in. Feeling cockie, I thought I would attempt doing a 7 image HDR time lapse. See it here? That tells you how well that experiment went.

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The clouds were moving fast so the light show came and went. What you’re seeing are two images taken really just minutes apart. I’m really impressed with the new Photomatic Pro 4.01 when using 7 images. You might notice there is no “HDR” look to the photos. What you see is what I saw, gorgeous light, lots of it brought all down within the range of our limited gear. All that really counts is, you feel the wow we felt that morning.

Photos captured by D3x, 24-70AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film