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on Nov 12, 2010 in Field Reports

DLWS MT day3am2

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With the f1.4 success, I wondered down the track looking for more subjects that might lend themselves to the lens and f/stop. This old caboose I have photographed many times and even with that knowledge, I had to make the basic click. It’s just a cool, old car. Then I decided what else I could do with it.

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While in real life they are not related in anyway, I saw this very cool ore car on a rail next to the caboose. I backed up until you see what’s here. The ore car is only 10 feet away from the caboose but shooting at f1.4 has a nice feel to it. It’s just a simple, fun click and I like that kinda stuff.

Photo captured by D3x, 24f1.4AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film