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on Nov 17, 2010 in Aviation, Simple Click

Simple Click – Can’t Believe it’s My Photo!

I originally posted this with no text, didn’t think it needed it but I got slammed with emails asking the question, “Why can’t I believe it’s my photograph? The answer is real simple, it’s an amazing opportunity that I never thought I would ever have!

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Hell, we didn’t know Bob was going to join us until a few minutes before we left the ground to shoot. Then bam…a Supermarine Spitfire joins the formation and the shoot. It would be like your heading to Central Park to shoot birds and all of a sudden a Black Bear asks if it could tag along for the fun of it. As photographers, it’s what we always hope for but it rarely happens. But here’s the deal, a photographer worth their salt is ready for when those moments do happen so they can make the image. I’m very grateful I had the opportunity!