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on Nov 22, 2010 in Aviation

Then it Was Time to Say Good-bye

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And just as fast as it started, it ended. Time with aircraft seems to be fleeting, they come and go quickly. No sooner then our Air2Air Workshop begin it ended with Fifi taking off. But not into the sunset but in the worst light of the day.

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The camera was in Shutter Priority, the shutter speed at /90 to get the prop blur, Exp Comp was -1 and I just shot. Yeap, the light was hard, the background most of the time sucked but I love every shot. That doesn’t come from anything other then a love for the aircraft and all that is represented by her flying past.

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And of course I know that this will not be the last time I photograph Fifi or a B-29. It’s was too easy to put pressure on one’s self and photography and if there is one thing I have finally learned, if there is meant to be another opportunity to photograph something in life, then it will happen. And if not, then it just makes that moment you did get that much sweeter as life goes by. So for now, I thank Fifi for the memories and look forward to our next encounter!

Photos captured by D3x / D3x, 200-400VR2 / 24-120AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film