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on Nov 29, 2010 in Moose Adventures

Air2Air Workshop Feb ’11

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Oh yeah baby, the next couple of Air2Air Workshops are going to be HOT with the next one being 25-27 Feb, 2011. We’ll be based out of the Phoenix and with our friends at the AZ CAF providing their amazing planes and even more amazing pilots which makes the whole thing magical! What you see here is a small sample of what we were able to capture in our couple of days!

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I can’t get over the response we’ve had to our first Air2Air Workshop with folks even from Europe coming to join us (we only have a few openings right now). We have an amazing workshop planned for you with the prize in our Air-to-Air photography a B-25 Mitchell escorted by a Blue-nosed Bastard P-51D Mustang (as long as they are flying, they do need maintenance so no guarantee). As backup, we’ll have to do with a B-17. In Nov., we had nine different aircraft in our two hours or air-to-air shooting, amazing! We have other aircraft scheduled for the other air-to-air (like a possible TA-4 Skyhawk) as well as a sunset/sunrise static shoots extravaganza! You’ll be learning everything from the art of air-to-air to the exposure and composition romance to digital darkroom and a whole lot more! (can you tell I’m excited?!) Along with Richard VanderMuelen, we even have one of the best air-to-air pilots in the business, Doug Rozendaal as not only one of our pilots but as an instructor. Hot damn, have we packed this thing!

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You can be a part of this! All the information for the Air2Air Workshop can be found at the official Air2Air Workshopsite. Or, you could cut to the chase and call WRP @760.924.8632 and join us (1/2 due on registration). Cya in the skies over Arizona!

PS…if you didn’t know that I photograph aircrafts, head to my Moose Aviation Photography website where you can view over 1200 images in the galleries.