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on Dec 10, 2010 in Camera Tech

Long Lens DOF

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Click Here f/28

Click Here f/16

Along the same lines as this morning’s post in regards to sharpness comes depth of field (DOF). Both of these shots were taken with the 70-200VR2 at 200mm focused on the closest helo. One image was shot at f/2.8 and the other at f/16. Being over a hundred yards from the closest Helo and shooting with a 200mm lens, you can see the little gain in depth of focus between f/2.8 to f/16. It’s not that much and if you are having a hard time getting a sharp handheld image then closing down to f/16 thinking you’ll have a sharper image when you’re at the same time dropping your shutter speed, might not be working for you. The gain in shutter speed and the increased sharpness might just out weigh any gain you get with DOF in this scenario. How do you find out if it will help you? Simply go out shoot a test and see for yourself. You might just fine the faster shutter speed gets you the sharpness you’re seeking.