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on Dec 15, 2010 in Digital Darkroom

The Epson 4900 & “New” Papers

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In between all the writing I’m laying down we’ve been busy printing with the new Epson 4900. Besides Jake catching the printing bug, the 4900 has been printing a lot of tests. I’ve not done much with the “new” line (about a year old) Cold Press and Hot Press papers. I originally go them because for a while, my favorite paper, UltraSmooth Fine Art was not available. I got the new papers when my supply of USMA was about to run out. Then USMA came back and I never thoroughly tested the new papers. So I tool the opportunity of a new printer just to do a thorough test. The image above is the image I’ve been testing with because of its whites, blacks, yellow and blue (and I really love the image). After printing this image, a number of landscapes and B&W on all four papers (Hot Press Natural, Hot Press Bright, Cold Press Natural and Cold Press Bright) I’ve found I have a favorite. For “clean” images like the one above, I like the Hot Press Bright and for “moody” and B&W images I like Cold Press Natural. So my bud Jeff at Adorama will have to keep me in supply of three papers now. And if you wanta give these papers a try, Epson now has a Signature Worthy Sample Pack so you can run your own tests and make up your own mind.