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on Dec 17, 2010 in Landscape Photography

Snow Provides the Perfect Pallet for Emotion!

It’s winter again, there’s snow on the ground which brings with it that yearly onslaught of snow exposure questions. I’ve answered those many times on the site. The question I typically ask back for folks though is, what’s the emotion you wanna communicate in your snow photograph?

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With all the white in the scene (what we call snow), you can totally influence the emotion and feeling the viewer feels in your photograph. You want the viewer to feel that same -10 nip in the air you felt when you made the click? Then have a preponderance of blue in the scene. How do you introduce blue? You can change the AWB and take it to the blue end of the graph, that’s the quickest and easiest. Doing it in camera rather then post might keep noise from building up in the image.

This movie requires Flash Player 9

There’s nothing better then being out on a snowy day and finding the warmth of the sun and letting it heat you up. How do you do bring out that warmth? First, you have to have an element that will show that warmth, in this case a really old, wind sculpted Jeffrey Pine. Then take your AWB to the warm end of the graph and go click. Hopefully this winter when you have snow in your photograph you’ll think more about communicating emotion then exposure detail. It might just bring life to that white stuff.