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on Dec 20, 2010 in Landscape Photography

Do You Live Where There’s Snow?

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I’m very fortunate to have a whole bunch of new friends and followers to the blog because of Captured. I received a cute email from one of my new followers asking, “Do you live where there’s snow?” Of course those of you who know me probably get a giggle from this as well. The answer is, affirmative!

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We’ve had a storm blowing for 72hrs now and at this writing, we’ve received about five vertical feet of new snow. What you see here is our good neighbor who happens to have a plow business. It’s late at night and he’s taking time to clear his own driveway. If you notice in the upper photo, the snow bank is so tall, the loader hides behind it as it goes down the drive.

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The moving and more importantly, the storage of snow can be a fulltime job during these kinds of storms. You might think that this kind of snow paralyzes life but it’s quite the opposite. FedEx & UPS delivered Saturday (holiday special), our Night of Light celebration still happened, and we, well we kept the drive clear so we could get out if we wanted to, but we didn’t want to. I’ve got four cool projects in the works so I spend the weekend doing some homework and making some plans next to a warm fire, movie playing drinking coffee. Mountain life isn’t for everyone but we sure do love it on days like these.

Photo captured by D3s (ISO 3200), 24-120VR2 on Lexar UDMA digital film