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on Dec 28, 2010 in Landscape Photography

What is it about Japan?

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I’m really loving the “new” friends from around the globe Captured is bringing to our door. As folks read the book more, they’re exploring the website more (which is great!) and they always seem to end up on the Int’l Tour page. Then they go searching for the wildlife tours (and there isn’t any presently). And then comes the email.

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With our Japan tour coming up soon, it’s the one being asked about the most (I believe it’s full, you’ll have to contact M&M for details). The common question is, “What’s is it about Japan since you’re not photographing wildlife?” The answer is quite simple, there is more to photography for me then just photographing critters. True, that’s my passion and what I devote the majority of my time to, but there is more to life and photography. In Tokyo for example you can literally within the same block see something 700yrs old right next to some of the most bitchin Nikon stores on the planet. Japan is where I can find this and a whole lot more.