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on Jan 5, 2011 in Technology

New Tools – New Testing

My beautiful bride knows me all too well, getting me for xmas the perfect toy tool that I needed. With our Air2Air Workshop and other aviation projects, I needed a means to talk with the pilots when not hooked directly to the planes intercom. So under the tree was a Icom IC-A6, not your basic photographic piece of gear. With a simple accessory, I can communicate through my David Clark headset, pretty slick. And when using ForeFlight on the iPad, I have the information I need to listen to tower to aircraft communications. This app provides everything from a phone number to the airport manager to frequency numbers for radio communications. This is helpful for lots of reasons, a simple one is being in place at the right time. Whenever I get a new toy tool, before crunch time, I take it into the field and test it. That’s what Jake and I did this eveny thing (plus we wanted to keep our panning skills sharp.

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As you can see, we even have a bit of snow on the flats where our airport is located. And it was cold, hovering around zero when we there shooting. The Icom served as well hearing when the plane was on final, five miles up and then on approach giving us the luxury of staying in the warmth of the truck and getting out in time to photograph a King Air coming in and our regional flight from San Francisco coming in. The combination of the Icom and ForeFlight in this first outing worked perfectly!

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Did you receive new gear for Christmas? I hope you did! I also hope you’ve done more then just take it out of the box. Whatever the new toy tool happens to be, get out and run it through its paces now! Find out how it works, how it syncs with you and your photography and start before it’s crunch time to employ its strengths. This is how you make the most of that new tool and when the time comes, it works its magic for you!

Photos captured by D3x, 200-400VR2 on Lexar UDMA digital film